I’ve been working for Deliveroo and Uber Eats, and on-and-off involved in worker organising efforts, for the last three or so years.

I often find myself frustrated that the media, sympathetic members of the public, and even unions representing gig-workers, have an understanding of the gig-economy out of step with…

Time worked — ~3 hours 20 minutes

Deliveries completed — 10

Money made — £44.33 (including £2.50 tips)

Distance cycled — at least 21.3 miles*

Stairs climbed — ~12 floors (up AND back down again)

Longest waiting for to be offered an order — ~20 minutes

Longest time waiting for order at restaurant — 15 minutes

Total time spent doing admin while waiting — ~25 minutes

Puppies greeted — 2**

Big Ole Fluffy Cats stroked — 1

Wild Strawberries scrumped — around 5

Flies entering my face — at least 3 (one in each eye, one in mouth)

Times embarrassed myself — 1 (bag fell down stairs spilling bike tools)

* Calculated back home by adding up restaurant-customer-restaurant-… distances from Google maps)

** Both very good puppers.

Along with overhiring of couriers, one of the biggest problems for us is understaffing of restaurants. Four times tonight (in three different restarants and a Waitrose) I was left waiting for 15–20 minutes for the food to be ready for me to deliver. …

[From a faceb**k post made in September 2020]

These screenshots are from a US based uber eats drivers page. It captures an aspect of the gig economy that rarely gets much attention (from the ‘progressive’ media at least) . …

[from a fb post in early 2021]

I’m really not into tipping culture. No worker should feel dependent on the discretionary good-will of customers to earn a decent living, and no customer should have to do the ethical calculus of deciding how worthy of payment the workers who serve them…

[From a faceb**k post I made in early march 2021. Unedited apart frmo a few typos.]

Deliveroo are preparing to launch their IPO, aiming for a £10bn valuation, and I thought it would be fun to break down the costs of an order…

The order as seen through the driver app.

This isn’t really a typical order, as…

Notes of a Gig Worker

Sleep in the morning, criticise in the afternoon, deliver burgers in the evening.

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